• Unlike any other shower drain hair solution
  • Simply collect your hair and adhere it to the Shower Shed
  • Throw away CLEAN hair and avoid the drain
  • Multiple color options
  • Made in the USA!
  • USPTO Approved!

About the Shower Shed


A secret that most long haired men and women won't tell you is that they actually try really hard to prevent hair lost in the shower from going down the drain. With the best intentions, as hair falls out and sticks to their hands, arms, and body, they will wad it all up and stick it to the shower wall (not a pretty picture). Then after the shower they take that hair and toss it in the trash... sometimes. Honestly, most of the time the hair on the wall is forgotten about. With the Shower Shed, hair lost in the shower can be placed right into the Shower Shed or against the backboard which falls into the catch. Then whether its forgotten about (again) or eventually thrown away, it stays out of the drain!


There have been many attempted solutions for preventing hair from clogging your shower drain. These solutions, at the drain level, do collect the hair but also gather soap, hair products, body oils and who knows what else with them. That can be really gross to clean out.

Introducing the first hair clogged drain solution ABOVE the drain... The Shower Shed!

The Shower Shed is a simple no fuss, no gunk, no grime hair shed solution to preventing clogged drains.