There are many different types of drain solutions but they all aim to solve your problem at the drain level. Learn why the Shower Shed is different.

The first hair clogged drain solution ABOVE the drain!

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Customer Reviews

"Well it sure beats opening the floor drain and pulling grimey hair and things out of the clogged opening with a set of vice grips and needle nose pliers!"


"I love that there is somewhere to stick the hair instead of leaving it on the wall. I do like that it gathers into the bottom, kind of out of sight in case you forget to clean it out after each use."


"The Shower Shed is my shower drains new best friend. It makes the mess of cleaning the hair out of the shower easier."


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The Problem

Let the Shower Shed solve your shower dilemmas today!

Does your shower drain get clogged with hair? Of course it does! If you are living with people with long hair, it happens more often than you'd like.